Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) - This is what makes soap, soap instead of a pile of butters and oils. Soap is made through a chemical reaction between lye and all the oils and butters used in the soap. It is a very exact process. Each butter and oil requires a specific amount of lye for saponification (changing into soap). Therefore, you find no lye in the final soap because it has all reacted with the other ingredients to form a finished bar of soap. Lye is a toxic substance alone, but after the chemical process occurs and the bars cure for at least 4-6 weeks, you are left with a gentle, mild soap.

Oils & Butters  - Each oil and butter brings a specific property to the finished bar of soap, and often the properties of saponified oils are often completely different than the properties of the oil before the chemical process. The oils and butters  I use in this soap are Olive Oil, Sustainable Organic Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter & Castor Oil.

Essential Oils - Unlike many other handmade soaps, I only scent my soaps with high quality 100% pure essential oils. Essential oils generally provide a softer scent than synthetically produced fragrance oils. In this soap I use Bay, Cedarwood and Orange essential oils.

Clays & Additives - Clays are wonderful to add natural color, add slip for shaving, and help anchor essential oils. I use Bentonite Clay in this soap. I also use Chlorella for a natural green color. 


NO Fragrance Oils - These are the synthetically produced scents that you find in most commercial beauty products. They are cheaper to produce than essential oils and also come in a much larger variety, but they are synthetic.

NO Detergents - Most "soaps" that are available for purchase at traditional stores are detergents. This is why they are so harsh and drying on your skin. Handmade soaps have completely different qualities than mass produced bar soap.

NO Artificial Colors - There are many beautiful handmade soaps that use artificial colors to enhance the appearance. I have made the decision to not use artificial colors in my soaps (or the foods I eat).  I color my soaps with natural substances like clays or simply leave them the color they naturally become after saponification.

1 bar of Bay handmade soap in a priority mail package with an ingredient label attached so there are no surprises. 

This listing is for an all vegan soap so there will be no animal fats, no honey and no milks in this soap. I don't currently use animal fats in my soaps. Instead I use sustainable palm oil as the hardening oil.

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