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NC Beer Map


From E.D.I.A. Map Makers, the Great NC Beer Map details every craft brewery & major beer festival in North Carolina. It's your one-stop guide with everything you'll need to know before setting out on the road. Use the map for tracking down new breweries, finding a place to visit when you're in a new town, or putting together your own brewery tour. It's also a way to keep track of all the North Carolina breweries you've visited.

Beyond listing & mapping out over 180 craft breweries in the state, The Great NC Beer Map provides all the practical information for getting you there & finding the exact brewery experience you're looking for. Aside from basic information, such as addresses, hours, & phone numbers, details are provided on brewery tours, special release days, beer distribution, food availability, game availability, pet-friendliness, & hours for those 21 and over. 43 craft beer festivals are also listed.

The margins of the map include information on the art, science, & history of craft brewing, to give you a greater understanding of what's inside the glass. These elements serve as tools for decoding all the beer styles & stats listed on the brewery wall, & they also help you zero in on new brews that will appeal to your palette. 


  • the state of NC with 180+ breweries broken down by symbol
  • Asheville, Charlotte & Raleigh brewery crawls
  • legend
  • beer style chart


  • brewery listings
  • festival listings
  • tasting guide
  • ale, lager & wild/sour beer comparison
  • illustrated history of pub games


  • 4" x 9" folded
  • 32" x 24" unfolded
  • offset lithographic print
  • NC-Made: conceptualized in Charlotte, designed in Raleigh, printed in Burlington
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NC Beer Map EDIA Maps MAIN - CLT Find.jpg