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From E.D.I.A. Map Makers, the Great NC BBQ Map is adventure ready, packed with over 450 restaurants, shacks, & eateries. This map is the most comprehensive guide to the original barbecue state. You'll want to keep this map in your glove box, because it'll be handy any time you find yourself on the road in North Carolina craving a little 'cue. It's good for grabbing a weekday lunch, finding a perfect road trip meal, or planning an entire barbecue tour around your area of choice. You'll have all the info you need to track down your favorite BBQ. Our map symbols tell you whether each joint does whole-hog BBQ or part of the pig, how the BBQ is prepared (wood-only, gas/electric only, or a combination of both) & what styles of sauce are served. 


  • the state of NC with its 450+ BBQ restaurants broken down by symbol
  • legend
  • historical BBQ timeline
  • BBQ proclamation


  • list of each restaurant with address, phone number & hours
  • icons indicating take-out only, cash-only & buffets
  • list of NC BBQ festivals & cook-offs
  • graphic comparison of NC BBQ traditions: Eastern vs. Piedmont
  • space for taking notes on your favorite stops


  • 4" x 9" folded
  • 40" x 27"
  • offset lithographic print
  • NC-Made: conceptualized in Charlotte, designed in Raleigh, printed in Burlington
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BBQ EDIA Map Detail - CLT Find.jpg