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Carolina Fried Chicken Map


From E.D.I.A. Map Makers, The Carolina Fried Map details over 300 fried chicken dishes across North & South Carolina, from classic Southern-fried to newfangled fowl with fancy fixin’s. All the fried favorites are included, from biscuits & sandwiches, to chicken-and-waffles, Nashville-style hot chicken, Korean double-fried, smoked-fried, wings, & two styles that originated in the Carolinas — dipped chicken & Calabash chicken.

On the front, each restaurant has a symbol identifying their most popular fried chicken dish & detailing how its fried — preparation methods (such as brining, marinating, battering, etc.), oil type, & frying method. Flip the map over for restaurant addresses, phone numbers & hours, with additional icons denoting any restaurants that have a buffet or cafeteria line, as well as places that are cash-only or take-out-only.

The map also details the history & culture of fried chicken, packing in illustrations & explanations along the margins. For instance, you’ll learn:

  • What the first recipe for Southern Fried Chicken looked like
  • Where to find the World’s Largest Frying Pan (yes, it’s in the Carolinas!) & what time of year you can find chickens in it, frying
  • The origin of the term “spring chicken”
  • The chicken’s most shocking genetic relative

The map will become your glovebox favorite, as it's handy for grabbing a weekday lunch, finding a perfect road trip meal, or planning an entire fried chicken tour around your area of choice. 


  • 4" x 9" folded
  • 40" x 27"
  • offset lithographic print
  • NC-Made
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North Carolina Fried Chicken EDIA Map Detail - CLT Find.jpg